Photo by ASHLEY EDWARDS on Unsplash

I look at you longingly.

I try to remember that great idea I had 5 minutes ago.

It would be a wonderfully magical story,

but alas, I cannot remember. So I use you, my thin but powerful tool:

A place to doddle while I daydream.

A spot to record my to-do lists.

A school calculator to add numbers,

a place to write down a phone number that I will lose later,

a blank white sheet to write except my great idea.

Is it lost?

Was it a bad idea?

Maybe it was just a fleeting thought?

Or maybe I screwed up and waited too long to write it down.

And now it is lost in the ether of words.

I pray for its return.

Until then, my paper will be a coaster while my coffee gently weeps.